Secret Santa Night & Prize Presentation

A short ride up to Fineshade before the party & prize presentation ensured that everyone was hungry for festive food.

Appropriately decorated helmets were the order of the night with reindeer antlers being the common theme although Ben’s flashing fairy lights didn’t have the same effect indoors when it came to the judging. Local junior riders Keira McVitty & Jenny McAndrew were the jury & deemed Jerry Norman to be the winner with his toilet roll fashioned antlers.

The final presentations were for the Kings Cliffe Flyers Go-Ride Racing Series in which all three places overall were awarded to KCF riders &  the King Cliffe Flyers Youth Champion 2013

Xmas Helmet Comp 2013

KCF WInner 2013a

KCF Series 2013 TOTAL
Harry Tilley 17
Arthur Brown 17
Ben Lewis 16
Jerry Norman 15
Tom Hattee 14
Adam Lea 13
Sam Hughes 10
Oliver Tilley 7
Jack Shuttleworth 4
Oliver Stegeman 4
Louis Brown 4
Peter 3
Max Nankervis 3
Sam Shuttleworth 3
Freddie Snow 3
Robert Williams 3
Thomas Stegeman 2
Billy Slater 2
Neve Hattee 2
Tommy Snow 2
Edward Lowe 1
William Brown 1
Hannah Lowe 1
Jody Kirk 1
Lots of other riders 1