Mountain Biking in the RAIN. The best bits…


During October half-term the youth riders dragged their parents out for a blast around Fineshade Forest & Wakerley Woods. As we gathered in Kings Cliffe it started to drizzle despite the forecast being for a dry day. It was soon agreed that Wakerley would be impossible to ride following the torrential downpours so we’d spend more time playing on the technical loops in Fineshade.

Undeterred by the rain the youngsters sped off up to the forest via steep Wood Lane whilst the adults were already contemplating the ‘optional’ cafe stop. A few drag races along the firetracks kept the stronger riders motivated showing off their cycling prowess whilst others were happy to roll along chatting. Interest in doing repeated circuits of the the technical loops quickly wained (except for Harry T.)  as the rain continued to hammer down, the temperature dropped & the wind picked up. Murmours of the cafe became noticeably louder as time went on.

The cafe, now in sight, resulted in an injection of pace. The optional stop had now become compulsory. Hot chocolates, coffees & cakes along with one or two toasties were quickly ordered & soon gobbled up. After a scary eyes photo session we departed back to Kings Cliffe in the rain with a short pause for another photo session. The rain stoppped about 15mins later 🙂