Tour of Britain 2012 – Youth Team Report & Photos

The Kings Cliffe Flyers youth team, consisting of Meg Snow, Oliver Fraser, Thomas Stegman & Jerry Norman, experienced what it was like to be a pro cyclist at the Tour of Britiain when they competed against other regional teams along the finishing straight of Stage 1 at the Norwich Showground.

The noise level & amount of support was unprecedented as cycling fans several deep against the barriers cheered on the youngsters, banged on the boards & waved flags as the teams raced hard against each other. As the pressure mounted there were the inevitable spills, just like the pros, with most teams coming unstuck at some point including our own team. We have a hard bunch of riders who like the pros remained unflustered, regrouped into their formation & carried on as they’d practised to finish well. Some other teams were given a restart & this unfortunately probably cost our riders the chance of a bronze medal ride off so they had to settle for 5th place overall. Wait until next year!

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