RESULTS – 30-Aug – Go-Ride Racing Series

It felt as if summer had long gone when the riders faced up to an additional challenge as the strong cold winds blew across the Kings Cliffe Active site last night.

The first massed start event rocketed out of the car park with riders ascending the grassy slope up to the top field before circulating the perimeter followed by a narrow technical & twisty section before the finish.  A convincing win by the current series leader, Issac Ellard (Kings Cliffe Flyers),was soon followed by Ieuan Williams (Fenland Clarion) and last week’s newcomer Oliver Claypole. The two of them soon turned the tables on Issac with them battling it out for the top spot in the subsequent races with Ieuan scoring one win and Oliver three wins in their group. Newcomer to racing, Ellen Ellard stepped up to the mark leaving some of the boys in her wake as she took two fourth places just missing out on the points.

Overall winner of the evening, Sam Hughes, placed fourth in the mass start event for all riders & subsequently scored victory in every race in his group. Tussling behind him & absolutely charging along were Harry Tilley (KCF) & Edward Lowe (Fenland Clarion). These two riders were pulled up by the chief judge after their first group race ‘due to straying off the technical course’ with some advice given about slowing down for the technical corners & a warning that a repeat woud result in disqualification. William Brown (KCF) placed fourth several times  & is just waiting to break into the top three.

Only two more rounds remain on 27-Sep & 25 Oct. Next week coaching resumes & as usual there will be mini races & challenges.

Overall standings;

Sam Hughes 25
Isaac Ellard 24
Harry Tilley 21
Ieuan Williams 21
Edward Lowe 16
Billy Slater 16
Oliver Claypole 15
Thomas Spain 14
Jerry Norman 10
Louis  Brown 9
William Brown 7
Holly Farrow 7
James Farrow 6
Alfie Burrows 5
Jack Shuttleworth 5
Meg Snow 5
Thomas Stegman 5
Tommy Snow 4
Adam Lea 3
Aaron Wills 3
Robert Williams 2
Connor Millen 2
Ewan Buckby 2
Oliver Fraser 2
Adam Challacombe 1
Ellen Ellard 1
Harry Baker 1
Jake Lawless 1
Jonah Armitage 1
Matthew Fraser 1
Callum Morris 1
Jensen Barraclough 1
Jody Kirk 1