Go-Ride Grass Track Racing result – 9 August

The scene set at Kings Cliffe Flyers Go-Ride grass track racing last night remided me of my grass track racing days in Richmond, N Yorks. There the cricket club pavillion overlooks the grass track but what makes it stand out is the surprising number of locals who turn out to watch the racing & heckle the riders? Perhaps it was the sunshine or could it have been the well stocked bar? Well it seems that the Kings Cliffe locals are more resourcesful & just as sociable. They bring deckchairs & picnic hampers complete with cold beers up to the Kings Cliffe Active & sit elevated on the slope above the grass track arena enjoying the sunshine & cheering on the fantastic youth racing that is going on before them.

Track racing was the night’s theme so there were scratch races, team sprints, handicaps, unknown distance, Devil-take-the-Hindmost and of course, the Keirin.

The Keirin was the attention grabbing event with the traditional strangely attired Pacer aka Mark Tilley sporting the latest SPD flip flops (don’t try this at home!) & baggy shorts aboard his Derny (MTB) complete with chugging noises.  In each heat the riders battled for position behind the Derny whilst the crowd heckled the Pacer.

Winning four out of six events in the different age groups Kings Cliffe Flyers riders Harry Tilley & Billy Slater finished the night equal on points. Setting an exemplary attitude & like a true sportsman Billy accepted the decision when he was declared second overall  based on countback as Harry was crowned overall champion on the night.  In third place Edward Lowe (Fenlad Clarion), who had won the first event of the evening, finished three points ahead of his nearest rival Holly Farrow (Kings Cliffe Flyers).

NEXT WEEK Thursday 16th August, will be the Go-Ride Games 2012 event. Bring your cameras. Special edition T-shirts, bottles, wristbands, medals & participation certificates will all be up for grabs. For information about Go-Ride Racing & Go-Ride Games see link: http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/goridegames

Overall standings:

Isaac Ellard 23
Harry Tilley 17
Billy Slater 16
Edward Lowe 15
Ieuan Williams 14
Jerry Norman 10
Thomas Spain 9
Holly Farrow 5
Thomas Stegman 4
William Brown 4
Meg Snow 4
Alfie Burrows 3
Aaron Wills 3
Tommy Snow 3
James Farrow 3
Jack Shuttleworth 2
Adam Lea 2
Louis  Brown 2
Harry Baker 1
Jake Lawless 1
Jonah Armitage 1
Oliver Fraser 1
Matthew Fraser 1
Callum Morris 1
Ewan Buckby 1
Jensen Barraclough 1