Go-Ride Racing Tour de France style – 26 July 2012

Brilliant sunshine brought out four new youth riders hoping to emulate Team SKY’s magnificent performance at the Tour de France in Round 4 of the Go-Ride Racing series last night.

In true TdF fashion there were various stages including a ‘mountain’ stage, individual time trial and a handful of ‘Champs Elysee’ style races for riders to compete for the coveted Team SKY goodies up for grabs.

What a fantastic site it was to see a mass of riders in ‘mountain’ stage which started in Kings Cliffe Active’s car park before the riders headed up the smooth brick paved climb before hitting the rough climb up to the top playing field.  A convincing win was made by Flyer Isaac Ellard followed by Ieuan Williams (Fenland Clarion) & Billy Slater (Kings Cliffe Flyers). Unfortunately course cutting by the winner resulted in a relegation to last place. This elevated Harry Tilley (Kings Cliffe Flyers) into third place.

In the older group Ieuan dominant performances in the circuit races and Individual Time Trial scored him maximum points with Isaac pushing hard in second place for most races. Newcomer Louis Brown was consistent with third places throughout so expect to see him featuring in the results over the next few rounds. Previous Round 3 winner Edward Lowe (Fenland Clarion) was unable match Harry in the younger age group circuit races and was left trailing. The handicap circuit races brought more names to the fore with  newcomer Callum Morris & Thomas Stegman (Kings Cliffe Flyers) taking the win in their respective races. The win for Stegman was particularly deserved as he’d crashed heavily in the gravelled area just before the start of the evening’s racing. The girls, Flyers Megan Snow & Holly Fraser continue to battle it out for the lead in the girls comeptition.

Victory this week went to Ieuan Williams (23 points), Harry Tilley (14points),  Billy Slater (12 points).

 NO SESSION on 2nd Aug. The next round is on THURSDAY 9th AUGUST

For information about Go-Ride Racing & Go-Ride Games see link: http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/goridegames

 Overal Standings:

Isaac Ellard 23
Ieuan Williams 14
Edward Lowe 12
Billy Slater 11
Jerry Norman 10
Thomas Spain 9
Harry Tilley 7
Thomas Stegman 3
Alfie Burrows 3
William Brown 3
Meg Snow 3
Holly Farrow 3
Aaron Wills 3
Jack Shuttleworth 2
Tommy Snow 2
James Farrow 2
Adam Lea 1
Harry Baker 1
Jake Lawless 1
Jonah Armitage 1
Oliver Fraser 1
Matthew Fraser 1
Callum Morris 1
Louis  Brown 1