Go-Ride Racing Results, Bikes to borrow, Thanks & Wakerley Woods


A series of 5 events were held from May-Aug this year enabling our younger riders the opportunity to have a go at racing in a familiar environment. Over the series 24 different riders took part with ages ranging between 8-13yrs. Run as an omnium each event had a different theme to replicate the standard cycling events, e.g. road, track, cyclo-cross.

Round 1 was won by the Flyers’ Thomas Spain with newcomer William Riddington taking 2nd place. Spain managed to hold on to the series lead in Round 2 despite Cody McVItty taking victory in this round. Late to start in the series, George Baker, won round 3 from Fenland Clarion’s Ieuan Williams although Spain was still top dog. Aaron Wills only managed to get to Round 4 & duly stamped his authority on the event winning against Spain who picked up just one point in this round. Every point counted in Round 5 as the overall win was not clear cut. Spain, McVitty, Baker, Wills could all take the overall & Poppy Wells or Billy Slater could move into equal 3rd overall so everything race counted. In the end Baker won the day & the overall series with Slater second. Spain dropped his lead to take 2nd overall in the series with McVitty 3rd overall.

George Baker 23
Thomas Spain 17
Cody McVitty 14
Aaron Wills 10
Isaac Ellard 7
William Riddington 6
Billy Slater 6
Ieuan Williams 6
Campbell Pollock 5
Jerry Norman 3
Poppy Wells 3
Oliver Fraser 2
Joseph Riley 2
Thomas Stegman 2
Casper Cook 1
Holly Farrow 1
James Farrow 1
Matthew Fraser 1
Harris Gooch 1
Jack Smith 1
Annabel Spain 1
Ella Watson 1
Kate Watson 1
Dominic Wells 1


In case you didn’t know there are now 5 kilometres of MTB trails which are improving week by week in Wakerley Woods. This is in addition to the new trails in Fineshade Woods. Now, Rutland Cycles has approached the Flyers as they wish to team up with us to organise an initial mountain bike race followed by a winter/summer series. This is a fantastic opportunity for the Club. British Cycling’s Regional Events officer is keen to help start something too. If you are interested in helping develop the MTB side of the club please contact anyone on the club committee.